About me

Through art I connect with my emotions, my desires, broken dreams and innerworlds.
My search for new ways to express myself opened unexpected doors, doors to different dimensions.
I love to visit cemeteries and dwell in forgotten times, capture the changes in mourning, those photographs can be found at my tumblr Unforgotten Ones.

My love for art moves a dynamic flow. For years I have been supporting artists, I am online publisher for two vintage art sites and over the last years I have been taking up photographing and creative design. This website is a new beginning for me, a place to bring together all my creativity in photographing and digital photo manipulation.

I am a woman, 45 and live in the Netherlands with my husband, kids, three cats and dog. Being involved in the creative proces of photographing is something that still has something magical for me. I have done some amazing shoots where I was able to capture the beauty of natural people. Some of these photos I used to created emotive art.

Although I am not extremely active you can find and follow me on Facebook.

Platforms where you can find me as well are RedBubble, Pixabay, Deviant Art, Instagram, 500px

Karen Nadine

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